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MOD POST - Updates, March Artist Spotlight Needed, & Future Articles 
6th-Mar-2007 03:56 pm
art; everyone has a dark side
Hello ya'll! I hope you're all doing well now that we've moved on into March and soon enough into Spring. If you've noticed, I've done a few small updates here and there. The community now has a slightly revamped default icon, as well as a new userinfo banner (It's rather large, so tell me how it looks on your computers if you get a chance, alright?). Also, I've gone through and made sure each and every post in this community has been put in the memories. Now, if you're ever in the mood to look for something (an certain artist, label, quote, icon, conversation, etc), you can actually find it! I've also done Spotlight Shorts for this month as well as made a post for important (and relevant) links.

Speaking of Spotlight Shorts though, I was hoping to have one of the longer Artist Spotlights for this month as well. The shorts don't really give me too much of a 'personal touch' when reading them, considering they're basically copy+paste biographies along with links, pictures, and star ratings of the person writing them up. In a nut shell, they're essentially coding, which is so impersonal!! So, if you're interested in maybe writing up an Artist Spotlight for your favorite indie band, go ahead and do it this month! The format for writing one of these as well as the sign-up list can be found HERE.

Again, I feel compelled to tell y'all that writing one of these is incredibly easy and doesn't take as long as you'd think. I'm sure you could get one done in about ten to twenty minutes, easy. So, please, volunteer and write one! Thanks y'all, that's the end of today's updates. An article on online distribution is coming from me soon too, so keep an eye out!
8th-Mar-2007 03:05 am (UTC)
Hi, I think I should finally make a contribution to this group and do an artist spotlight. :] I went to the link but I'm not sure where I should send the info, so I'll put it below...

# name of the band - Anais Mitchell

# record label the band is on - not sure, though she is on an indie label

# month you'd like to write - any upcoming month except may, since i'll be quite busy that month

# other months you'd be willing to take, if your month is not available - see above

# your name - Amelia

# your email - fadedbutlingering@hotmail.com

# the quickest way to get in touch with you (AIM, Y!M, ICQ, etc) - MSN... see the address above
28th-Mar-2007 12:44 am (UTC)
Sorry I havent got back to you before now, things got kind of busy for me. At any rate, would you want to take April for your month? If so, what date would you like me to email you a reminder to post? :) Thank you so much!!
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