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ayldotcom's Journal

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AreYouListening.com has a simple message. We are passionate about music and dedicated to bringing attention to music by independent artists and independent thinkers. At a time of complacency about music and rampant corporate mergers, the future of music is in the hands of the ones that value it most: artists and their fans. Our ultimate goal for AreYouListening.com is to offer a place where artists and fans can come together to discover new music and build a stronger collective community by featuring artists' content and puttingforth an arena for fans and artists to communicate. This inspires music lovers and enables independent artists to stand on their own two feet with or without record company affiliation, organically exposing their music to a larger group of active music fans.

Thanks For Listening!

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*Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of or associated with AYL.com, I am just a simple person trying to help get the message out there. Please don't contact me asking me to put your band on the official AYL? list, because I can't. Go to the website, click contact, and write whoever updates and maintains the website and the choices of what bands go up and what bands don't from there. :) Thanks.