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Sbux + iTunes 
7th-Oct-2007 09:04 pm
art; everyone has a dark side
I don't know if y'all know about this yet or not, but since I work at Sbux I figured I ought to spread the love. Starbucks has paired with iTunes to give out a free song download every day for a little over a month. It started on October 3, and will continue on into early November. Not guaranteed every song will be good, but there's artists such as Sara Bareilles, Sia, A Fine Frenzy, Hilary McRae, Emily King, Angie Stone, etc. Some very good gems in the mix! There's also Paul Mcartney, Keith Urban, and other more well-known artists as well (though I personally ain't taking those). All you have to do is go in and ask the barista behind the counter if they have any more of the free download cards. A great way to get some more music in your life, if you're short on cash. ;)
8th-Oct-2007 04:17 am (UTC)
That's awesome!!

One of my best friends works at a Starbucks here, she should have told me. DX
8th-Oct-2007 04:19 am (UTC)
LOL. You should go in and complain at her and then ask for the cards afterward. ;)
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