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17th-Oct-2008 06:24 pm - CD Liner Notes
art; everyone has a dark side
I'm starting a blog that will hopefully morph into being your one-stop source for liner notes, especially for indie albums. So, I'm needing volunteers to help me with this project! If you would like to help by either scanning the liner notes from some of your CDs or by typing them up for me, I would be forever in your debt! You will get credit for providing me whatever liner notes you can get. I will also be putting together a mix tape of some great indie artists for those who help with this, so there's another incentive. I'd really appreciate any help you can give, even if it's only one or two albums!

If you'd like to help, please send me an email at svimmelhet@livejournal.com with 'CD Liner Notes' in the subject.
Thank you!! ♫

(This is cross-posted. Sorry if you see it more than once!)
7th-Oct-2007 09:04 pm - Sbux + iTunes
art; everyone has a dark side
I don't know if y'all know about this yet or not, but since I work at Sbux I figured I ought to spread the love. Starbucks has paired with iTunes to give out a free song download every day for a little over a month. It started on October 3, and will continue on into early November. Not guaranteed every song will be good, but there's artists such as Sara Bareilles, Sia, A Fine Frenzy, Hilary McRae, Emily King, Angie Stone, etc. Some very good gems in the mix! There's also Paul Mcartney, Keith Urban, and other more well-known artists as well (though I personally ain't taking those). All you have to do is go in and ask the barista behind the counter if they have any more of the free download cards. A great way to get some more music in your life, if you're short on cash. ;)
20th-Sep-2007 11:44 pm - Hey y'all!
art; everyone has a dark side
Just a reminder to go check out some of the music posted at the sharing spree here. Don't forget to add your own and pass the link around to all your friends while you're at it.

And speaking of new music, I'm thinking we ought to start doing an artist of the month again. Anyone else think this is a good idea? Since we're talking about it, I'd like some feedback from y'all on this community and how to get things going and being less dead around here. All comments are screened and don't worry about offending if you think something sucks, just please voice your opinions or we can never fix them and make this place better. Thanks!
19th-Sep-2007 02:56 pm - File-sharing (new indie music) Spree!
art; everyone has a dark side
DISCLAIMER: The RIAA dictates that all music downloaded should be removed after previewing for twenty-four hours. What you do with the music you collect here is your own responsibility.

Now, I know we've been dead here for quite a while. So sorry about that, real life caught up on me and gave me a beating. At any rate, I figure here's a good way to reenergize this place! So, upload a song/album/whatever of your favorite and lesser-known indie artists. Sharing is caring and the best way to get out the word about a great artist is for people to hear for themselves. Fill out the form when posting, and link all your friends & friend-lists (regardless of if they're in this community or not).

This is about discovering new artists, and sharing the glory that is good music, so please try to keep everything legal and legit. The disclaimer is there for a reason, and if I catch you uploading major label artists or artists who clearly and specifically do not want any of their music shared, it will be removed and you will be banned - with the chance for appeal. All the same, be careful and double, double-check before you post it here. Thanks!

FILE-SHARING (new indie music) SPREE!
art; everyone has a dark side
They've been nominated for Rising Star. Also on the list (for a different nominations) are Admiral Twin, Hero Factor, and Elliot the Letter Ostrich. Be sure to vote for them as well! VOTE HERE

Never heard of any of these bands?

Be sure to spread the word!!
art; everyone has a dark side
Hello ya'll! I hope you're all doing well now that we've moved on into March and soon enough into Spring. If you've noticed, I've done a few small updates here and there. The community now has a slightly revamped default icon, as well as a new userinfo banner (It's rather large, so tell me how it looks on your computers if you get a chance, alright?). Also, I've gone through and made sure each and every post in this community has been put in the memories. Now, if you're ever in the mood to look for something (an certain artist, label, quote, icon, conversation, etc), you can actually find it! I've also done Spotlight Shorts for this month as well as made a post for important (and relevant) links.

Speaking of Spotlight Shorts though, I was hoping to have one of the longer Artist Spotlights for this month as well. The shorts don't really give me too much of a 'personal touch' when reading them, considering they're basically copy+paste biographies along with links, pictures, and star ratings of the person writing them up. In a nut shell, they're essentially coding, which is so impersonal!! So, if you're interested in maybe writing up an Artist Spotlight for your favorite indie band, go ahead and do it this month! The format for writing one of these as well as the sign-up list can be found HERE.

Again, I feel compelled to tell y'all that writing one of these is incredibly easy and doesn't take as long as you'd think. I'm sure you could get one done in about ten to twenty minutes, easy. So, please, volunteer and write one! Thanks y'all, that's the end of today's updates. An article on online distribution is coming from me soon too, so keep an eye out!
6th-Mar-2007 03:13 pm - Independent Music Links
art; everyone has a dark side
Some important links I thought should be promoted in here.. Feel free to add your own in the comments, in fact, please do so!

  • CDBaby: a little CD store with the best new independent music
  • WebCDs: Independent music directory, the new music directory.

  • World Wide Independent Music Directory: Artist directory, e-zine, labels, and more listings.
  • GarageBand: where you can influence which artist will become tomorrow's hit

  • Coalition of Independent Music Stores: CIMS

  • PLUG: Independent Music Awards: PLUG is about the independent community coming together to recognize its own.
  • 6th-Mar-2007 02:42 pm - Artist Spotlight Shorts
    art; everyone has a dark side
    Artist Spotlight Shorts, 2nd Edition

    QUESTIONS IN DIALECT; Eschewing the typical wave-calm-wave pattern of instrumental rock, QiD's songs erect cascades of affected melodies over dubby bass textures and cataclysmic drum fills. Often moving into free-form improvisation during live shows, visuals are spontaneously created by the instruments themselves. The sound has evolved by incorporating electronics and new composition methods, even moving into avant-garde territory, but is still filtered through a subjective post-rock lense.

    QiD. They build their own instruments, play with soundwaves from the sun, jupiter, and the galaxies, and hack old tvs to make home-made oscilloscopes (see the soundwaves while you hear them). Soon after tuning your ears to the QiD sound, you won't be able to listen to music the same way again. It's an experience. Then again, music is music. And we must remember that art is art. Well, on the other hand water is water isn't it? And east is east and west is west. And if you take cranberries and stew them like applesause they taste much more like prunes than rubarb does.

    Genre: Progressive, IDM, Live Electronics
    Links: http://www.myspace.com/questionsindialect & http://www.questionsindialect.com/

    LINDSEY NEAL; Tulsa World calls it, "Genuine Talent." Urban Tulsa calls it, "The Real Deal." But it's all just an obsession with growth, a strong desire to connect, and the love of good pop music. So where does Lindsey Neal come into all of this?

    Welcomed to Earth at three-something-am on June 29, 1985 was a kid that Tom and Carolyn Neal named Lindsey. Tom had a music room where he and his friends would "jam" on late nights, and Carolyn grew up playing piano in church. The toys laying around the household for little Lindsey were things like Casio keyboards and drum machines. Michael Jackson records and music videos played fairly continuously. The influence was obvious. This led to a child who marveled at the power and influence of the stage, who would rather sit around and create sounds than watch TV, and wanted only to spend time planning out the next performance, whether it be for family or a big imagined audience. Elementary school years were boom boxes, karaoke machines, lots of tapes, and talent shows with neighborhood kids. Middle school began the violin, and junior high began the guitar. Bigger gigs came along at nicer venues and festivals, singing with sisters Amy and Jen, then a rock band with some boys in high school. The decision to become a solo artist came easily, since the songwriting had always been happening. And there were lots of notebooks. Words about beloved people, events, realizations, lessons learned, and stories bottled up into poems and modified to be melodically pleasing. Notebook after notebook was filled. Money was saved, recording gear was bought. A demo was made, a girl with a guitar began singing at coffee places by herself. More notebooks were filled, more songs were called finished. After graduation of high school, two years were spent in Eagle Studios recording an album and forming bonds with some incredible new band mates. That album is called "GENUINE" and was released November 20, 2004.

    Recent times are spent at band practice. And loading the gear every weekend to play at the next gig, wherever it may be, unloading the gear, then the optional band gathering at a late night diner to have water with lemon and coffee and talk about gear and music and gigs. Probably the most important question is, what drives all of this? Why do it? The reasons are certainly not about attention or glory. It has progressed past being about Lindsey. Now it's about doing something good with the love of music that we've been given. It's about making magic, and planting seeds that will grow into something positive. It's about telling everyone that they're not alone. And it's about telling everyone that something benevolent is working for them.

    Genre: Indie, Pop, Rock
    Links: http://www.myspace.com/lindseyneal & http://www.lindseyneal.com/

    E MUZEKI; Mark Varelas and Jenny OConnor, both native Texans, first played music together in fall of 1999 as founders of the Greek band, E Serenes (The Sirens). A shared passion for exotic-sounding music carried them beyond Greek music both in genre and instrumentation to their world music project, E Muzeki.

    Expanding his musical abilities, Mark has added the various sounds of accordion, Flamenco guitar, Irish whistle, and sitar to his accomplished Greek bouzouki and steel string guitar playing. Jenny passionately plays Celtic fiddle, steel string guitar, Gypsy violin and sitar. Joshua Amyx conveys his love of rhythm through an outrageous hand drum kit consisting of asheikos, djembe, djun, doumbeks, darabukas, tabla, udu, dholak, frame drum, tibetan singing bowls, cymbals and gongs.

    Drawing from these diverse folk traditions while not being bound by them, the group has developed a unique and captivating style. Whether playing actual folk repertoire, or one of their original compositions, E Muzeki brings fresh emotion to ancient musical tradition. They draw listeners of all ages and from every walk of life.

    Genre: Acoustic, Folk, Other
    Links: http://www.myspace.com/emuzeki & http://www.emuzeki.com/

    UNWED SAILOR; Born in Seattle in 1998 at the tender age of intent, Unwed Sailor is helmed by Oklahoma-born songwriter Johnathon Ford. The basis for the instrumental project came into being while Ford was still writing with Seattle luminaries Roadside Monument. Pulling towards a bass guitar-oriented sound, the songs he had begun to craft did not fully feel right for Roadside Monument, thus the unbeknownst predestined forming of Unwed Sailor. Not aiming for Unwed Sailor to fall into the regular confines of a typical band, Ford’s ever evolving cast and crew has been tirelessly composed over the years of good friends and company. The band has since been relocated and based out of cities across the United States, including Chicago, New York, Jackson MS, and most recently Little Rock, AR. With over 14 US tours and four in Europe, the band has traveled almost as much as it has evolved.

    Since their 1998 debut release, Firecracker, the band has strived to endeavor side door studies into the pictures behind sound, opening multiple avenues of instrumental excavation on their first full-length, The Faithful Anchor. These studies also produced two short film soundtracks for independent film maker Chris Bennett - Stateless (a musical collaboration with Early Day Miners), and For Jonathan, a multi-genre compilation featuring artists as varied as The Album Leaf and Mikael Jorgensen to Jessica Bailiff and Her Space Holiday.

    In 2003, the shape of Unwed Sailor changed dramatically as the sound became less a standard suite of songs, developing instead into a growing creature, cinematically-operated and tell-tale both in its sonic and packaged presentation. The resulting album was recorded and released as The Marionette and the Music Box; music set to tell the painted story of a lonely little marionette in search of a cherished, lost music box. Describing the picturesque brushes and swells of a rather unique orchestra, Unwed Sailor composed pieces as suited for concert halls as they are the hot, impassioned stages of dark night clubs from city to city. As a live performance, the music is only more chaotic in its finely-tuned restraints. Here audiences are treated to a powerful performance, played out as though on the screen; they walk away from the shows as though from a theater, excited and curious about the world again. On stage, Unwed Sailor as people melt away, becoming nobody and everybody at the same time; a two hearted octopus with every arm working twice as hard.

    2006 will see the band with two brand new full length recordings as well as an EP in between, all of which will be recorded and released in between stretches on the lonesome, always stretching road.

    Genre: Ambient, Progressive, Experimental
    Links: http://www.myspace.com/unwedsailor & http://www.unwedsailor.net/

    LAURA JANSEN; "my bio: jeez, that would be a long story. It would have lots of twists, sordid characters, love scenes, car chases and product placements. The lead character would be played by someone who looks like me but taller." No official biography.

    Genre: Alternative, Acoustic, Indie
    Links: http://www.myspace.com/laurajansenmusic
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